mini plasma cutter 1530 Plasma Cutting Machine

The mini plasma cutter can cut metal plates, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum etc. This mini plasma cutter is a replacement of hand-held flame torch, hand-held plasma cutter. Can cut any complex profiles on metals.

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  The mini plasma cutter supports both plasma cutter and oxy-fuel cutting. With its USB port, the data transmission from a PC is as easy as downloading photos from a digital camera. This mini plasma cutter is an automatic portable CNC machine with THC. The cutting control system can control the motion of 2 axis, which is suitable for flame or plasma cutting. The THC controller is designed to change the height between torch & workpiece. This mini plasma cutter is accurate, stable, low noise, while easy to operate. With graphic to guide your use, come with 2 booklet of user manual to explicitly guide your operation. Features: 1) The mini plasma cutter is compact design and lightweight, small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors. 2) This mini plasma cutter with low noise and high running accuracy. Operates with high efficiency. 3) This mini plasma cutter cuts automatically with high precision and uses materials effectively. 4) The control system with optimized programming, easy to learn and operate.simple and clear, can store over 80 programs. 5) LCD screen of dynamic and static display of graphics, can convert the CAD file to the programmed one in the computer ,and transmit it to the machine via a USB flash disk before automatic cutting, performance which can also be made by inputting the simple instruction in the machine for programming cutting .   6) The FastCAM programming software is easily learned and supports both drawing and nesting. 7) This mini plasma cutter has graphic display function 8) This mini plasma cutter can support English and other 6 languages 9) This mini plasma cutter with excellent graph library , 48 graphic 10) The mini plasma cutter has steel plate correction function 11) Kerf can be automatically compensated by the mini plasma cutter  12) Cutting can continue when power fails for the mini plasma cutter  13) Continuous return can be done 14) Positioning and cutting can be done randomly by the mini plasma cutter  15) Off-line cutting can be done by the mini plasma cutter 16) The mini plasma cutter has online upgrading function
mini plasma cutter parameters
No. Items Parameters
Machine Voltage Singal phase220V,50HZ
Plasma power Voltage Three Phase 380V,50HZ
2 Cutting mode Plasma+Flame
3 Effective cutting range(mm) 1500mm×3000mm or customized
4 Cutting speed(mm/min) 50-3500mm/min
5 Plasma power
Huayuan LGK-120A/200A/300A 
or Hyperthem 80A/105A/125A   optional  
6 Plasma cutting thickness According to power source models
7 Moving precision ±0.2mm/m
8 Cutting system Fangling F2100B
9 THC Fangling F1620
10 Software ProNest8(standard) or Starcam
11 Total weight(kg) 126KGS
12 Emergency stop Yes
13 Working temperature -5~45℃
14 Relative humidity <95% No condensin
mini plasma cutter details

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1. One year warranty for mini plasma cutter
2. We have experienced after-sales service team,we can send installation video or file to customers and guid installation for easy operated machines and we can also arrange our engineers to visit customer's site for installation and training for complicated machines.
3. Full stock of spare parts and consumables are at competitive price.
1. Can I have a cutting sample? Yes, after getting your drawings,we can do cutting sample for you.
2. Can you supply OEM Service? Yes, we can supply OEM service.
3.What is the available shipping way? Nude Packed in 20ft container.
4. What is deliver time? We will delivery the goods within 7-15 work days after received payment.
5. What is your payment term? We can accept T/T,Western Union,L/C,Aliexpress Escrow, Credit Card.

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